The Company


The Italian-Spanish company Enanas de Lanas is born in 2017 thanks to the meeting of Daniele La Torre and Pilar Peñalosa, who founded the dramaturgic and plastic ideas of the show Ménage à Trois and set the foundations for the theatrical production.

Thanks to the production Aps Zeb Studio and together with Paola Maria Cacace and Angela Dionisia Severino, the company develops a workshop that combines the techniques of the Commedia dell'Arte and the enhancement of its characters, with the technique of sight manipulation , typical of the puppet theater.

Why "Enanas" and why "de Lanas"?

Enanas in spanish means “female dwarfs” and it is a loving way to refer to the company's actresses, because the acting part of the company is made up only of women ... of small stature! And "de Lanas" because the puppets have been completely built in wool, thanks to an old technique such as wet felt, which Pilar Peñalosa applies to the characters here, holding as the principle of her work the use of "natural" and non-polluting materials (as long as possible), but especially materials that have been alive.

 The company is formed and begins an intense period dedicated to the construction of the characters.

Living matter and the study of manipulation merge into the language proposed by Paola and Angela. The study of the postures, of the blows of mask, of the walks, has given us the possibility of hybridizing several "characters" and returning them, thanks to a rereading of anthropological type, conducted by the direction of Daniele, to what is usually call "redefinition of oneself":

"The inert character, still woolen object, is transferred the experience of the laboratory, choosing not to give it an established language, if not the" grammelot "educating him to live the drama, having it half between the actor and the animator, supported by the pantomime and music, unique and constant paradigm of both the laboratory and the spectacle, adapting it to the actorial, personal demands and the particularities of the manipulators. "

In 2018 he joins the company and provides a fundamental contribution, Ilaria Cecere. 

 Currently the company is also immersed in an adaptation of the show Ménage à Trois for traveling theaters, thanks to the APS ZEB STUDIO and BUS THEATER co-production.